Pipe Repair Service Tips for PVC

Many of today’s buildings house plumbing systems are using PVC pipes. Sometimes, as with many things, they will need repairing. The best methods for fixing these pipes will depend on what needs to be repaired. The most common PVC pipe repair is a cracked pipe or joint, you can either try to do this yourself or call in a professional pipe repair service.

Should you decide to go the DIY route, in order to get started you first need to inspect the extent of the damage, in addition to the location of it. When the crack is under an inch in length and minor, try using a sealant. Silicone sealers are probably the best choice and can be directly applied to the crack. However, make sure it has had time to cure properly before you use the pipe.

When the crack is on the main water line or is more extensive, then you will need to replace the entire section of the pipe. This prevents any sealant from wearing away, replacing the section is relatively simple to do, and the results will last much longer than using a sealant.

In order to replace the section you need to find a PVC pipe which is the same thickness as the original one, and then cut it to the length needed. Apply your sealant on each end, and attach couplings before you insert the pipe. Once you have done this, tighten the couplings and use more sealant on each side of the pipe again.

The replacement of PVC joints is exactly the same as the repair of non-joint sections. For cracks which are minor, again, use a quality silicone sealant. More major cracks will need the replacement of the whole joint. If you are in need of a professional and reliable pipe repair service locally, then call Precision Plumbing Services in Galveston, TX today on (281) 373-0123.


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