Clogged Drain Cleaning Tips

Drains are considered the workhorse of every plumbing system. Wastewater passes through them and eventually end up in sewers or septic systems. Drains, however, do get clogged every now and then with the likes of hair, grease, food particles and even waste material. But, you can avoid this by using a home clogged drain cleaning mixture of baking soda and vinegar every month. However, if your drain has become clogged, try not to use toxic chemical drain cleaners and try a good old-fashioned plunger or, for badly clogged drains, a plumbing auger.

The best practice for maintaining clean and open drains like mention above is using baking soda and vinegar, which should be poured every month into every sink drain. A cup of baking soda poured down into your drains followed by a cup of hot vinegar hot water will result in a chemical reaction which in theory will push sediments back down the drain trap. Baking soda will also absorb any odors, and the acidic properties of the vinegar will destroy most of the dangerous pathogens found in the pipes. This recipe is also good for unclogging drains which are full of loose debris too.

For many clogged drains, try using a plunger, this should be placed over the hole and pumped several times to loosen the clog. However, make sure your plunger has a good suction, so the sink stopper must be removed, and all sink overflow holes be plugged with a rag. The basin needs to be filled with water, just enough to cover the plunger and create a good suction.

Drains which refuse to clear with any of the above methods could be unblocked with a plumber’s snake. This can be found in most home improvement centers and is a long, flexible steel cable that is wrapped around a hand crank. So if you are looking for a professional clogged drain cleaning service in your area, then call Precision Plumbing Services in Galveston, TX today on (281) 373-0123.


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